BizWizard Order Manager Point of Sale Software

BizWizard Order Manager Awards Point of Sale Order Management Shop Automation Software
BizWizard Order Manager for Awards and Trophy Stores Feature List:
  BizWizard in the Cloud Option Available
  Provide quotes to your customers via printout, e-mail or fax
  Turn quotes into orders with one button click
  Manage customer orders that require multiple suppliers and build purchase orders for each supplier
  Acknowledge your customer's orders with printout, e-mail or fax
  Print, Fax or E-mail purchase orders to suppliers
  Print, Fax or E-mail Orders to customer
  Print, Fax or E-mail invoices and late notices to customers
  Automated Customer Invoicing via printout, e-mail or fax
  Automated Late notice invoicing via printout, e-mail or fax
  Manage payments for invoices or orders in real time
  Remind customer of re-orders
  Remind yourself of to-do items on a scheduled date/time
  Record comments and notations on orders, customers, invoices, purchase orders
  Advanced order, customer and purchasing order searching using any text found on any portion of the data, including personalization text, line items, payments, etc.
  Manage, print, e-mail long descriptive notes or special instructions for line items on orders, invoices and purchase orders
  Manages files of any type (including artwork files) for orders, customers and suppliers
  E-mail reports, printouts and even external files, including proof spin-offs, and proof layouts
  Complete customer order history available for all time in history
  Reports for orders, sales, income, commissions, accounting information, and inventory information
  Review accounting information with built in General Ledger reporting
  Internal Communications built in to send messages to other associates in your company
  Complete Security for each associate
  BizWizard automatically notifies you of software updates and will even download them in the background
  Internet Time Server Integration for accurate date/time stamping throughout the system
  Built-In Associate time clock and Payroll reporting system
  Manage multiple contacts for each customer and designate authorized buyers
  Manage multiple contacts for each supplier, record their departments, direct line phone numbers, etc.
  Automatic Purchasing for stocked items when inventory gets low
  Inventory management on demand product by product.
  Product pricing matrix option
  Product attribute management
  Define your companies holidays and let BizWizard automatically notify customers of store closures
  Setup Coupons for promotionals and let BizWizard automatically calculate discounts
  Volume Pricing Discount schedules built in
  Aging of Customer accounts automated
  Zoom into fields to display larger views of information
  ASI, PPAI, AIA support for standard industry codes
  Log and reporting of all changes made on order management, prevention of errors

Include a company logo on all printouts

  Unlimited user's
  Unlimited computer's
  Up to 5 Store Locations supported through RDP
  Never pay for an upgrade. All upgrades are free
  Technical support is always free
  Easy backup one folder for loss prevention of your data
  Print Avery labels for price tags
  Print Avery labels for mailing labels, and envelopes
  Never a need to buy forms (except in check writing, you will need to purchase pre-printed checks)
  Seamless integration amongst purchasing <---> order management <---> customer management, etc.
  Built In Postal Code database for USA, Canadian and Australian Postal Codes. Never type a city or state name again
  Multi-Tier Sales Tax Tables
  Sales Tax calculation and commission calculation automatic, no need to specify the tax table, or what commission percentage an employee is entitled to.
  Built-In Government Payroll Tax Calculations via two optional tax tables
  Designed for any small organization or large organization.
  Turn on and off many features to customize BizWizard Order Manager to your businesses environment
  Order inventory on the fly for non-stock items
  Import customers and products from other systems
  No need for third party database licenses, or other component licenses
  Always Access previously entered orders, customers, invoices, etc. even if you do not renew your license
  Integrate with Bizwizard ShopKart for easy import of ShopKart Orders and synchronization of products
  BizWizard Order Manager™
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BizWizard Order Manager™
BizWizard Order Manager runs on Apple with VMWare, Windows XP Service Pack 2/3, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Small Business Server 2008 and has been tested with Windows 7 Beta Release