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Not all software applications are created equal. This includes shopping cart web site solutions. Before NetSoft Studio started development on an awards and recognition industry specific shopping cart solutions, we evaluated the possibility of tweaking already pre-made shopping cart software to retrofit it for the awards industry.

We evaluated several pre-made shopping cart software packages and we found that none of them would offer the features needed by the awards industry. For this reason, NetSoft Studio decided to start at ground zero to create an awards shopping cart solution that was 100% tailored to the awards and recognition industry. Development began in July of 2007, and released in December 2008, and continued development continues even today as new features are added to continually enhance and keep on top of the changes in search engine algorithms and customer needs.

By providing a 100% complete awards shopping cart solution geared towards the awards and recognition industry we have the ability to provide more than just an awards shopping cart or web site. We can ensure this solution is ever-evolving to ensure your rankings in the major search engines are as high as possible. Thus BizWizard ShopKart™ is not just a web site that has a shopping cart. It is an awards industry solution that goes way beyond shopping carts.

There are other shopping cart programs coming onto the market that are nothing more than pre-packaged e-commerce sites that have been given an awards related name and being marketed as an Awards and Recognition industry solution, even though it was not designed ground up for the awards and recognition industry. As a consumer, you deserve to be well informed of what is available.

Let's examine the truth and facts behind some awards shopping cart solutions that are available. In the following table, we identify what we consider to be key and important features for an awards shopping cart software solution based upon years of experience and research, actual time spent in the the awards and recognition industry and feedback from over 50 award store owners that work on a day to day basis selling awards and recognition products online.

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Shopping Cart Features and Services BizWizard ShopKart™ AwardsCart®
Awards Shopping Cart Designed 100% ground up for Awards and Recognition Industry? Yes No
Awards Shopping Cart has Built-In Trophy Builder Technology? Yes Info Not Available
Bulk Product Change to Easily Modify Your Awards Shopping Cart Catalog products details and pricing? Yes No
Supplier Rankings to Control Exposure Levels by Supplier in your Awards Shopping Cart? Yes No
Unlimited Multiple Awards Shopping Cart Web Stores and Company Stores for Free? Yes No
Integration with Payment Gateways? Yes Yes
Integration to UPS for Real Time Shipping Charge Calculations? Yes Yes
Multiple Award and Trophy Product Details for a Single Product Image? Yes No
Support for Multiple Images per Award and Trophy product? Yes Yes
Browse and Select Support for 360 Degree Award and Trophy Product Images? Yes No
Browse and Select Support for Award and Trophy Product Design Templates? Yes No
Offers Award and Trophy Product Imaging Service for Both Photography and 360 Degree Images? Yes No
Easy Single Image Upload for Award and Trophy Products, No Need to create Thumbnails and Larger Images? Yes No
PCI Compliant (Payment Card Industry)? Yes No
Compliance with Google Search Engine Optimization Guide? Yes No
ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) Compliant? Yes No
WYSIWYG Editing of Awards Shopping Cart web page content? Yes Yes
WYSIWYG Editing of Award and Trophy Product Description Content, Category Descriptions? Yes Info Not Available
Unlimited Award and Trophy Product Categorization for each Award and Trophy Product? Yes Yes
Web Based Awards Shopping Cart Administration? Yes Yes
Multiple Awards Shopping Cart Catalog View Options? Yes Yes
Ability for Awards Shopping Cart Buyer to Edit an Item after adding the item to the Shopping Cart basket? Yes No
Ability to Specify Award and Trophy Product Lead Days, Minimum Order Quantities, Ordering Increments? Yes No
Change Text anywhere on your site? Yes Yes
Checkout process to Upload other Files such as Excel Spreadsheets, Word Documents, CorelDraw Files, etc.? Yes No
Includes Data Feeds to Third Party Shopping Networks? Yes Yes
Proven Rankings in Search Engines for Awards Shopping Cart sites? Yes No
Supports Online Chat Software for Awards Shopping Cart web site? Yes Yes
Integrated Automated Supplier Catalog Updates from the Master Catalog Yes No
Integrates with BizWizard Order Manager (also awards industry specific) Yes No
100 Free Skins to Choose from at the click of a mouse Yes No
Internet Web Server Features    
Private Awards Shopping Cart Web and E-Mail Server Not Shared Web and E-Mail Server? Yes Info Not Available
Web Based, POP3 and iMAP E-Mail Access, aliases and auto-responders for your Awards Shopping Cart? Yes No
Built-In Awards Shopping Cart E-Mail Anti-Spam configurable on a user by user basis? Yes No
Built-In Awards Shopping Cart E-Mail Anti-Virus Scanning with ClamAV configurable on a user by user basis? Yes No
Free Awards Shopping Cart Server Secure Certificate? Yes Yes
Awards Shopping Cart Servers Directly on NTT/Verio Worldwide Tier I Backbone, not a few hops away? Yes No
Domain Transfer Assistance for your Awards Shopping Cart Domain Name? Yes Yes
Quadruple Data Backup (Mirrored Hard Drives, On Site Data Backup and Off site Tape Backups, On Demand Backup)? Yes No
Company Staff Information    
Company Owners with Linked In References in the Awards and Recognition Industry? Yes No
Design Staff that are Not only Developers, but Also Managed and Owned Awards Stores? Yes Info Not Available
Full-Time Staff dedicating 100% of working hours to Awards Software Products? Yes No
28 Day Money Back Guarantee on Awards Shopping Cart software? Yes No
Telephone Technical Support for your Awards Shopping Cart? Yes Info Not Available
Maximum 24 Hour turn-around time on e-mail support? Yes No
24/7/365 Live Human USA Based Telephone Technical Support Yes No
Monthly Cost for Main Awards Shopping Cart Web Store and 5 company Stores $200/mo $262.50/mo
Monthly Cost for Main Awards Shopping Cart Web Store and 10 Company Stores $200/mo $450/mo
Monthly Cost for Main Awards Shopping Cart Web Store and 25 Company Stores $200/mo $1,012.50/mo


Whereas you have a choice when it comes to whom you partner with for your awards shopping cart web site, please take the time to investigate the company you do work with, including NetSoft Studio, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.. Talk to each companies current clients. Read each companies references on LinkedIn. Look at each companies previous products they have developed for the awards industry and see how well they performed. Ask these questions of each company:

  • Did their previous awards shopping cart or trophy builder solutions perform poorly with search engine rankings?
  • Why did they try to create a new shopping cart solution if the old one was good?
  • Can I expect the same thing from their new products if the old products didn't perform good?
  • Does their information they present in references and resumes all line up to public record, or even line up within their own claims and postings to the public?
  • Is the awards shopping cart they offer actually designed and developed ground up for the Awards and Recognition industry?
  • What is the proven track record?

Just as you would interview an employee, you should interview those you partner up with. Check them out.


Yes = Feature exists. We were able to find documentation on the companies web site for the shopping cart indicated, whereby the company indicates their shopping cart software supports, or performs the feature indicated.

No = We could not find any documentation on the companies web site to indicate this feature existed and/or was a service provided as the case may be. This does not mean the feature does not exist, as the company in question may have simply not posted on their web site that the feature exists. It is important when doing your own comparisons to perform due diligence and research each companies features and make your own decisions.

Info Not Available = We found some evidence via some form of verbiage on the companies web site that eluded that this feature might exist, but the information the company provided wasn't enough for us to make a determination as to whether the feature did indeed exist or not. In Some cases, the feature partially existed, but not 100%.

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NetSoft Studio™ is not affiliated with nor partnered with AwardsCart® or Trophy Toolbox, Inc.