Why Choose NetSoft Studio?

Why Choose NetSoft Studio

Mission Statement:
We believe that we exist for the purpose of assisting our customers with technological services to enhance, increase and promote healthy productivity of our customers day to day awards and trophy business operations to ensure they achieve savings in time, money and revenue as well as increasing our awards and trophy customers business growth through the use of technology. We believe that if we succeed in this endeavor, then our customers will also succeed in their business operations.

Whenever possible, it is our goal to assist our awards and trophy business customers, even in areas that are outside the scope of our services and even if we do not receive payment for doing so. This level of dedication to our awards and trophy business customers provides our customers with a feeling of satisfaction which results in a job well done by our company. Whereas we are human, and we will make mistakes, we strive to achieve perfection, even if we fail to do so at times. We believe that if we do make a mistake, the first course of action is to own up to our mistake, correct it, and move forward.

Core Beliefs:
Today's corporate mentality results in a lack of personalization and relationships between the corporate entity and the customer. We believe this is the wrong way to do business.

To counteract the "typical" mentality of corporate America, the owner (M. David Matney) has developed a business philosophy for NetSoft Studio that is breaking the mold of typical 2019 corporate mentality. Having a personal relationship, being honest and truthful with your customers (even if it means losing a customer), spending time laughing on the phone with a customer, taking an interest in their personal lives, conquests, trials and tribulations brings us closer to our customers and creates a happy family environment between NetSoft Studio and our customer. Never let it be said that NetSoft Studio has fallen into the trap of 2019 corporate mentality infrastructure, however let it be said, that we are people that work with people.

Technological Research:
We believe that for any business to continue to be successful, they must keep up with technology and trends. We have seen a real and dire need in the Awards and Recognition industry for technological services and have stepped up to the plate to fill those gaps. We feel it is our responsibility to stay on top of new trends and technologies resulting in our awards and trophy business customers having continual access to new technological resources to continue to build their business. Our belief of placing the burden of research on our own shoulders frees up our customers to focus on what they do best without having to worry about technology. We have your backs covered.

Open Our Ears:
In today's Software world, companies simply do not take the time to listen to their customers. We believe this is the wrong approach. New Development should always be driven by customer needs. We believe the only way to know those needs is to listen to their cries for help. By opening our ears to our customers, we are breaking the mold of the traditional software company that doesn't take the time to listen to their customers cries for help.

The Reputation of any company resides on how you work with your customers, your responsiveness to their needs as well as product quality and price for that quality and service. We take pride in providing all of our customers with this level of dedication and devotion to service. In business if you make one mistake, 10 people will hear about it. If you do something right, 100 people will hear about it.

What our Customers Have to Say:
Here are few actual comments by customers that have purchased a solutions offered by NetSoft Studio and how their comments represent their own impression of our company and our software solution.

I cannot imagine running my business without both Bizwizard 
and Shopkart.  Order Manager has streamlined our order entry process and has eliminated the need to go searching for previous orders when a customer places a reorder.  Another feature we love is the automatic email that goes to the customer on completion of the order saving us the time it takes to call.  Because Order Manager requires us to indicate where each order comes from, we have been able to reduce our yellow pages expenditure by over $20,000 for the next year.

Shopkart comes loaded with a great selection of products that lets you get up and running right away and it is easy to get the hang of adding new products as well.  Shopkart has generated sales of many items that we just weren't selling before because we had no way of displaying all of them.

Finally, David at NetSoft is always taking our suggestions as to improvements to both products and is constantly improving them. He is also readily available to answer questions and provide technical support for the products as well as passing on other ideas and tips that he has gained from his interaction with his other clients and his own experiences.
What a great company to work with!  There really are folks out there that care enormously about the awards industry. It is such a privilege to work with David Matney at NetSoft Studio!  We started using their software in April of 2010 – yes right BEFORE busy season!!  We decided to get as  much customer information in as we could right up front.  Every step of the way NetSoft has been there for us.  One day last month we were having some issues with our computers When we called NetSoft for help, they recognized it was our  software.  David at NetSoft took extra time out of his day to  help us get our computers running properly so their software would run smoothly.  

Recently we requested some technical improvements that  we needed and felt would enhance BizWiz even more.  They spent several days implementing these recommendations and it looks like they are going to work out well.  It is people like those at NetSoft that make this industry what it is – people helping people; taking just a few minutes to make someone else's life a little easier.  We are grateful to have BizWizard as part of our business and look forward to working with David and his team for many years to come! - Michelle Bitterly, Owner Awards & Engraving, Baytown, Texas
I met David through the ARA and have - Lisa Higginbotham, Owner Five Star Awards, Cary, North Carolina
Recently we were notified that we (All American
Awards in Mt. Pleasant, SC) were going to have a state sales tax audit.  We were told to expect the auditor to be on location in our office for 2-3 days.  Although we do our best to comply with all laws, we were nervous as I have heard many horror stories about tax collections at trophy and awards shops.  The auditor showed up on a Monday morning, inspected our records (with BizWizard Order Manager a huge part of the records) and left about 3 hours later stating that she had never seen such a good sales tax report from any trophy and awards shop.  She told us that we owed no tax and appreciated how easy we made her job.  Thank you NetSoft Studio and BizWizard! -Steve Rapchick, Owner All American Awards, Inc., Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
Adter 18 months of using BizWizard, we were able to identify our most effective marketing.  We actually saved $14,000 in our advertising costs for the new year and redirected some of that money into areas that needed more attention.  Also, without BizWizard, we would have had to hire at least one more person this last year to keep up with paperwork.  All in all, BizWizard has paid for itself for years to come in the first 18 months. - Sheri, Arnold, Owner of Arnolds for Awards, Placentia, California
YAHOO!  Finaly, aproduct that is very affordable and can be used on as many networked computers as you want with no additional costs.  at this price, it is the least expensive employee I have!  Bizwizard saves me so much time looking for information from a past customer by helping me stay organized and efficient.  I have vendors all the time say they are surprised at how much volume I do with the size of my shop.  Also love the fact that I can talk to you and get new features added into the program as new updates get released.  Thank you, Thank you and Thank you for Bizwizard! - Niels Norby, President, San Dieguito Trophy, Inc. San Diego, California
We installed the program and had it up and running right off the bat.  The program is very very intuitive and painless.  We were able to go thru about 60% to 70% of the setup areas, such as orders, etc. without having to refer to the manual or call tech support!  Even then the solution was very easy to understand and follow.  We are very happy withour program.  - Richard Hernandez, Timeless Awards, McAllen, Texas
I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank you so very much for BizWizard.  It is hard to believe that just two years ago we used to use typewriters to process orders.  we have found BizWizard to make our entire order process not only faster but more accurate, and the duplicate order feature a huge time saver.   I also want to personally thank you for the time you have taken to walk us through the initial learning curve as well as your willingness to add features that make the software better fit our needs.  As I am sure you know there are several choices on the market for computerized order entry software but I can tell you that we are thrilled that we picked yours to help take our company to the next level.  - Joe Pisani, Owner BHive awards and Advertising Specialties, Clearwater and Tampa, Florida
“My team and I have had the opportunity to work with David and his BizWizzard program for a couple years now. David sees the "big picture" for industry needs and creates upgrades to service these needs quickly and efficiently. He is always considerate and caring about customer service. It's a pleasure to work with someone of David's calibre. Donna Gray”
David was a blessing to our business in 2004. We needed to hire -Kami Arnold, Owner Arnolds for Awards, Shingle Springs, California

“David Matney is everything you would expect from a very experienced and successful consultant/software/web-developer less the attitude and unreasonable prices. I continue to be very satisfied with the creativity and knowledge he has brought to projects he has worked on my company's behalf. I have been a client, friend, vendor, and business associate to NetSoft Studio since they were the best kept secret in the industry, and I understand why they have become the "go to" place for all our industries business and marketing solutions.”

-Jim Milburn, Owner
Zeit Company/Stillwater Awards
Salt Lake City, Utah
“David at NetSoft Studio has been a constant resource in providing my business with the best Order Management software available for the trophies and awards industries and a truly professional on line storefront. Dave is always willing to listen to and act on any improvements suggested for software package "Order Manager". His personal help with any questions about either BizWizard Order Manager or ShopKart and even general software has always been fast, accurate and you speak with him not someone in another country. I consider Dave more as a friend then a business associate.”

Greg Minotas
Minotas Trophy
Highland Heights, Ohio
Thank you for your great phone support. I am very happy with the excellent product [BizWizard Order Manager and BizWizard ShopKart] you provide as well as your fantastic customer service!

Dawn Latimer, Owner
Mr. T's Awards
Mount Vernon, Washington


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Why Choose NetSoft Studio?
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